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Who We Are

Established in 2010, Business Alliance (BA), is a regional management consulting and business support provider operating in the MENA region and with offices in Al-Bireh, Palestine, and Amman, Jordan.

Our Domains of Work

Job Creation

We responding to local & regional challenges of Employment, Employability, Capacity Building, Coaching and Self-Employment, Entrepreneurship and Freelancing

Organizational Support

assisting organizations in developing roadmaps, launching operations, executing complex projects, conducting business consultancies & studies, and acquiring & staffing competent teams


providing business transformation and IT consulting, conducting international automated personality and IT assessments, and enhancing clients' digital presence

Our Business Lines

Our unique integrated suite of services enables us to deliver tailored interventions and projects with high operational efficiency and effectiveness, organized under four business lines:

Our Specialty Fields

Business Alliance is an expert house in the following fields, where our partners and clients enjoy our unique breadth and depth of knowledge, experience, and agile capabilities to engage in tailored interventions and projects of all sizes:

GIG Economy & Online Freelancing

ITO Outsourcing & ICT Sector Development

Headhunting and Staffing

Capacity Building

Organizational Development

Whom We Work With


youth, women & professionals


corporates, SMEs & startups


international development agencies, NGOs & governmental agencies

Our high operational capabilities to perform tailored interventions and projects are geared to support and empower Individuals, Companies, and Organizations by providing a unique and integrated suite of business lines and services.

Over the past years, Business Alliance has directly provided services and built business relationships with local, regional, and international clients and partners in the different fields of economic development, investment, telco, pharma, health, finance, industrial, manufacturing, trade, IT, and innovation management.

Why BA

Business Alliance is a local and regional player that identifies, nurtures, and acquires a comprehensive understanding of the aspirations and opportunities of organizations and individuals to drive improvement, growth, and profitability. BA’s team consists of leading local and international professionals specialized in areas such as job market preparation, online freelancing, business development, entrepreneurship, and more!

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